An Intern’s Perspective

This summer, I have had the opportunity to work as an intern at NAI Carolantic Realty. My experience has been enjoyable and educational, teaching me a tremendous amount about commercial real estate and the Triangle area in just a short time. I feel fortunate to have been able to develop and practice skills with NAI Carolantic that will undoubtedly prove useful in the “real world”, wherever the future may take me.

My interest in commercial real estate is quite new, growing from my attendance of the 25th Annual Triangle Commercial Real Estate Conference this past January. It wasn’t that I found the 2010 market forecast particularly inspirational, but the fundamental facets of the real estate business drew me in. I liked Steve Stroud’s characterization of real estate as a finite, non-renewable resource that would prove recession proof in the long term, and the event left me wanting to learn more.

My internship has facilitated that learning, and I continue to pick up new information every day. Even from the back seat, it is pretty clear that it is a tough time for commercial real estate. Fortunately, there are signs of renewed activity and a case for optimism in the Triangle. I see brokers working harder than ever because opportunities are out there, and our market is one of the most promising in the country.

Byron Bryan, Intern, UNC-Chapel Hill

I truly appreciate having the opportunity to work with the people at NAI Carolantic. They have gone out of their way to help me learn, and I think that is a reflection of the way they approach their business and community endeavors. It is no surprise that NAI Carolantic is the Triangle’s leader in commercial real estate, and a great asset to the community.

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